Product parameters:

Product name: Makeup mirror lights
bulb size: 45 * 45 * 51 mm
power supply: USB 5V 2A or higher
Length: 464 cm
Distance: 26cm
Color temperature: 7000K
performance: Per lamp maximum 1,6W
Material: ABS & Polycarbonate

Product Features:
1 , The USB power adapter, safe and general.
2, PC material light screen, do not sting your eyes
3, Hidden wiring design, the mirror shows simple and neat.
4, Transparent power cable, beautiful and stylish .
5, Dimmable Switch, Meet the all grace needs.

1, We recommended that you choose 2A or higher USB adapter.
2, the product uses the double-sided adhesive strips, the surface of the mirror must be clean, dry, smooth, without rust and oil.
3, the wire can be adjusted by the winding between the base slot, and the bulb distance can be between 10 -26cm.

installation step
1, Before the installation: They should be sticky surface dry, clean, no rust, oxidation, grease, dust and other harmful substances.
2, According to your Design set the distance from each bulb. Take care, the distance between two bulbs is from 10 cm to 26 cm.
3, Before you remove the product, determine the power and control switch to place the seat, it is appropriate to the first position (to connect the first line to the control switch)
4, Tear sticky notes on the pressure-sensitive tape, then glue the first situation of the pear, press the pear a few seconds to totally glue pressure-sensitive tape to the mirror

Package Contains
1 * Hollywood Style Mirror Lights
1 * Dimmer Switches
1 * Manual in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.
If you have any question, please contact me, I will gladly offer you service until you feel satisfied.

  • Feature:

    • ☛ 【Wide Application Range】: 10 Hollywood style dimmable LED light bulbs. Can be used in bedroom, bathroom, Dressing Room, Beauty salons, Barber Shop and Kitchen Cabinets. Applied to make-up, fill light, decoration and so on.
    • ☛ 【Adjust Brightness】: Offer you more sufficient and adjustable brightness than another make-up lamp, 8 levels, from 6500K to 7000K. And the difference of a skin rash, the one needs is unequal, can switch different brightness for you.
    • ☛ 【USB Charging Port】: When you need light to makeup but not socket. Can insert to Portable battery, Laptop, and other USB equipment.
    • ☛ 【Easy to Install】: Just easily stick it directly on a clean flat surface, PLEASE NOTE: divide the tape some pieces with scissors when you first. It can help you
    • ☛ Built in link able Bulb design,you can connect up the bulb freely together with end-to-end plug-in connector to suit different size mirror or wall. And hide the wires in the frame.

  • Brand: ULYCOOL
  • Product Group: Lighting
  • Product Type Name: HOME_LIGHTING_AND_LAMPS
  • Manufacturer: ULYCOOL