New Coming Foot Peeling Mask
contains safe all-natural ingredients and powerful botanical extracts that naturally removes the unhealthy dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer.

Direction for use:
- Clean and dry your feet.
- Take out the foot mask and cut along the dotted line as indicated.
- Put your foot into the mask and seal the opening by the sticker.
- Wear the mask for 60-90 minutes to take the essence in the liquid to be absorbed into the skin.
- Remove the mask and wash feet gently with soap.
- Dead skin will start peeling 3-5 days after initial application. For better peeling performance, please keep feet in warm water for 20 minutes each day.
- Allow dead skin to peel off naturally. Do not forcibly remove the dead skin and it may cause damage to the skin.

- For external use only.
- If you are pregnant or nursing,please stop to use.
- If it is not suited to your skin during the use, please stop to use
- Athlete's foot or skin wound, swelling, itching, inflammation etc. ,please stop to use

- Between 4 - 7 days the dead skin will naturally start falling off from your feet.
- In 7 days, the dead skin will fall off completely and leave you soft baby feet. New skin will need nourishment.
- Do not use more than once a month.
- The effect varies from individual to individual due to different skin condition.

- Keep away from children, avoid sunlight, store in a cool place.

  • Feature:

    • ☛ ①Miracle Solution for Dry, Coarse, Callused Feet - Our foot peel mask is extremely effective at exfoliating and peeling away rough and dead skin to unveil brand new baby soft feet in 3-7 days!
    • ☛ ②Easy to Use - Simply put on the booties for the recommended time period and after removing it, the treatment will start to work. There is no need for you to peel or scrub the skin yourself. The old skin will automatically peel off on its own after a few days until only new remains.
    • ☛ ③Safe and Pain-Free - The natural extracts and botanicals gently yet safely penetrate into the dead skin cells to break down and remove the outer layers. There is zero pain in this process of renewing the skin on your feet.
    • ☛ ④Healthy Soft Feet for Family & Friends - Pamper your feet and the feet of your loved ones with our exfoliant foot peel mask. Both men and women can appreciate healthier and softer feet.
    • ☛ ⑤WARM TIPS - It's safer to do a sensitivity test before using it on sensitive skin, put a little fluid on your ankle firstly and see how it works.

  • Binding: Misc.
  • Brand: LiRainhan
  • Product Group: Beauty
  • Product Type Name: BEAUTY
  • Manufacturer: Rainhan
  • Part Number: R-lavender